Sell your equipment

Do you want to sell your machinery?

MABV MACHINERIES is able to sell your second hand machines worldwide.

As we receive constantly enquiries for machines, if you have any equipment for sale, we kindly ask you to send us the following information:

- machine manufacturer, model and year.

- technical description.

- photos and video.

- requested price.

- if is possible to see the machine in production.


How we work:


a) We collect all the information about your machine (requested price, specification, condition, etc…), including photos and if available videos.

If necessary we arrange an inspection of the machine to check the condition and agree the best selling strategy.

b) Our experienced team advertise your machine on our website, we publicize it on the best machineries web platforms worldwide and through our newsletter campaigns. We immediately contact our customers potentially interested (we are in touch with many customers looking for pre-owned machines). You can decide to who or where not to sell your machine and indicate a minimum requested price net for you. We operate as business finder / middle man. Our profit / commission will be due only in case of conclusion of the sale and will be calculated as the difference between your requested price and the final sale price paid from the buyer. We always manage the negotiation respecting your indication.

c) When a customer is seriously interested in your used equipment we arrange an inspection of the machine. Before the visit we issue a customer protection intermediation agreement, where we report all agreed conditions. When requested we are also able to organize through our expert partners and collaborators the dismantling, loading of the machine on container/ truck, remantling and training.


a) In particular cases we buy directly your machine, and we resell it to our customers.

Our policy is based on correcntess and efficiency, we want to reach the satisfaction of all parts and we want to build a long term relationship with all of our customers.

MABV MACHINERIES… Your partner for buying and selling machines!