Plate mounters for flexo

We can offer you the most innovative and complete PLATE MOUNTERS on the market suitable for wide web flexo, narrow web flexo and corrugated flexo.

We are glad to introduce the new 2020 sales program for plate mounters

  • only HD digital cameras: all the machines are equipped with HD digital cameras:
  • a complete range: from standard optical mounters up to the FULL AUTOMATIC mounter;
  • advanced technology: all machines are equipped with the software for MOUNTING DIGITAL ASSISTANT.
  • all machines are motorized;


A complete range of mounter for all the needs.

1)     STAR-VP - Fully motorized mounter

The new The entry-level STAR-VP comes with a top-level configuration, with:

  • motorized HD cameras with precise stepper motors on a linear rack
  • motorized mandrel with a mechanical gearbox and automatic return to ZERO.

In order to offer the most flexible machine, it’s possibile to upgrade the machine with several options (Additional cameras, Double-sided mounting table, Pressure roller with notched engraved surface, Table for tape cutting, dispenser for double-sided mounting tape).

2)     STAR EVO - Fully electronic mounter

Create the jobs, reload them,

mount staggered

STAR-EVO comes with high definition digital cameras, and it is FULLY MOTORIZED: it is equipped with automatic cameras and automatic mandrel, with control of the position (for the cameras) and control of the angle on the repeat (for the mandrel).




In order to offer the most flexible machine, it’s possibile to upgrade the machine with several options (Double-sided table, Table for tape cutting, Dispenser for double-sided adhesive tape).

3)     i-TABLE, the Automatic mounter

i-Table is the new automatic mounting system, permits the automatic positioning of the plates in the right mounting position.

The operator places the plate on the table, then the machine provides the following steps:

  • Automatic recognition of the marks on the plate and comparing with the Virtual Image
  •  Automatic adjustment of the plate to the target position
  • Automatic fixing of the plates on the sticky-back with the pressing roll

4)     T.H.E. MOUNTER

is the revolutionary full automatic plate mounter

We are glad to introduce the first real 4.0 plate mounter, based on  "Virtual Image" technology and experience.

The operative workflow is so easy with precision that the operation only requires the user to load the stack of plates on the loader... and that's it!

We named this machine "Total Human Exclusion"

The operator places the stack of plates on the loading deck, inserts the sleeves on the mandrel, and that's all! The machine automatically provides the following steps:

·        Automatic loading of the plate from the deck

·        Automatic discharge of the separating sheets

·        Automatic positioning of the plate on the sleeve

·        Automatic research/recognition of the marks on the plate

·        Automatic adjustment of the plate to the target position

·        Automatic fixing of the plates on the sticky-back with the pressing roll


Designed for narrow web and labels market

A complete line of plate mounting machines for narrow web web and labels, for sleeves or cylinders (shaftless or shafted).

1)     Narrow

Table-top plate mounter

NARROW is our table-top mounter: disegned to support narrow cylinders (shafted or shaftless) and/or sleeves.

2)  MIDI- For mid-size flexo

The MIDI plate mounter is a MID-SIZE plate mounter, with floor structure, designed to support narrow cylinders and/or sleeves with a sturdy self-standing structure (it doesn't need the table for table-top placing).

3)     MIDI- Automatic mounter for labels

The operator simply have to put the plate on the mounter, than the machine will automatically mount it.

4)     Automatic plate mounters for labels

The automatic mounting for narrow web

The automatic mounting mounting technology is now available also for narrow web/label printing


1) Mounter dedicated to pre- and post- print corrugated coardboard

The machine is equipped with a proof drum, for dry proof on paper.

The main drum is designed to use the mylard / plastic sheets for plate supporting Matthews/Bobst clamping systems (T or J clamps) or slots

The rotation of the drums is provided by direct torque motors with electronic servo-drives, that automatically adjust the speed of the drums to recover the plate elongation, to have a proof print with 1:1 ratio.

The software interface, really user-friendly and amazing, allows the possibility of drawing the box shape on the proof drum, through an easy “wizard” interface.

Moreover, it is possible to manage any layout file, including vectorial files or graphical and repro files.

The machine is equipped with 4 color cameras 370x zoom (up to 8 cameras in option) and all our best electronics solutions

Motorized camera movement with motors and linear rack, with linear encoders for reading the position of the cameras without connection of mechanical parts (no ball screws)

TOUCHLESS SLIDING SYSTEM for the cameras and the monitors: they track the position of the operator and follow him without touching them

VIRTUAL IMAGE system CORRUGATED VERSION, for the managing of the graphic files and for the simulation of the 3D PLATE EFFECT.

Software PHOTOSPLIT with multi-language interface.

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