1999 CURIONI SUN MASTER 540 - square bottom paper bag making machine (twisted handles unit)

1999 CURIONI SUN MASTER 540 - square bottom paper bag making machine (twisted handles unit)

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The paper bag making machine SUN MASTER 540 is fed by reel and it has been designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags with or without handles, from the mediuml up to the big formats.

This pre-owned machine is equipped with twisted handle making unit for the manufacture and application of handles which is in line with the paper bag making machine (international Patent).

Machine immediately, visible in production and available subject to unsold.


ConditionUsed (visible in production)
TypeReel fed square bottom paper bag making machine with twisted handles unit
Bag width (min - max)220 – 540 mm (Bag width with handles: 240 – 540 mm)
Bag lenght (min - max)320 - 650 mm (Bag length with handles: 320 - 550 mm)
Bottom width (min - max)80 - 200 mm
Cut lenght (min - max)400 - 780 mm
Reel width (min - max)720 - 1430 mm
Max diameter of the reel1500 mm
Inner core diameter76 mm
Weight of paper for paper bags production (min - max)80 -130 gsm
Handle unit (twisted)Type of handle twisted-paper cord or cotton with a twisted paper core | Twisted paper cord diameter: 4 - 5 mm | Handle width: 100 mm | Patch height: 50 mm | Patch length: 200 mm | Reels width: 100 mm | Max. diameter of paper reels for patches: 1050 mm | Inner core diameter:76 mm | Weight of usable paper for patches: 90 -130 gsm
Dimensions of the machine (approx)Length 15500 mm | Width 2800 mm | Height 2400 mm
Gross weight (approx)21000 Kg
Total installed electrical powerthree-phase 400 V + NEUTRE + GROUND at 50 Hz
Compressed air supply600/700 kPa, dry and clean
Compressed air consumption100 Nl/min
Visible in operationyes