1996 Curioni Sun Master 540 !!!RESERVED!!!


Type: PAPER BAG MAKING MACHINE WITH TWISTED HANDLES UNIT Manufacturer: CURIONI SUN TERAMO (Italy) Model: SUN MASTER 540 Bag width: mm 220 – 540 (8.66” - 21.26”) Bag width with handles: mm 240 – 540 (9,45”- 21.26”) Bag length: mm 320 - 650 (12.6” - 25.6”) Bottom width: mm 80 - 200 (3.15” - 7.87”) Minimum bag width with handles 240 mm (9,45”) Cut length mm 400 - 780 (15.75” - 30.7”) Reel width mm 720 - 1430 (28.34” - 56.3”) Max. diameter of the reel mm 1500 (59”) Inner core diameter mm 76 (2.99”) Weight of paper 80 -130 gsm Photocell for pre-printed reels. Mechanical speed 160 cycles/minute Effective average production speed: 100 bags/minute (Depending on the operator skill, quality of raw materials, etc) In-line twisted cord handle making unit Type of handles: twisted-paper cord Approx. dimensions of the machine: length 15500 mm, width 2800 mm, height 2130 mm. Approx. total gross weight kg 21000 The machine has special unit : Fold the upper lip of the bag , originally designed by Curioni , the unit that can do the “J CUTTING” without glue Additional information: Handle units contain hot glue and water base glue for hot weather ambient. The paper bag making machine Sun Master 540, fed by reel, has been designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags with and without handles, from the medium up to the biggest formats. The machine is equipped with handle making unit for the manufacture and application of twisted cord handles which is in line with the paper bag making machine. Productivity, flexibility and reliability make the Sun Master 540 an excellent paper bag making machine for all shoppers market needs. Visible in production and Immediately available. Very good working condition


ModelSun Master 540
Serial NumberOn request