2012 W&H FLEXA (reel-to-reel) 4 col. Stack flexo with FILMATIC® S Mono-Winder & Unwind unit (1570 mm)


2012 W&H FLEXA (reel-to-reel) 4 col. Stack flexo with FILMATIC® S Mono-Winder & Unwind unit (1570 mm)

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Pre-owned WINDMÖLLER & HÖLSCHER FLEXA 4 col. Stack reel-to-ree flexo with FILMATIC® S Mono-Winder & Unwind unit (1570 mm) year 2012.

The machine is visible in operation.



ModelFLEXA (reel-to-reel) 4 col. Stack flexo with FILMATIC® S Mono-Winder & Unwind unit (1570 mm)
ConditionUsed (visible in production)
Max web width/material passage1620 mm
Printing width1570 mm
Print repeat (min. - max.)450 – 1500 mm
Print configuration4:0
Materials to be processedPaper from 40 gsm up to 120 gsm
Inkswater based
Output speed when equipped with doctor chamber inking systemMax. m/min 300 (depending on job specification and print related factors)
Additional information4 colour decks with open doctor blade chambers | motor-driven longitudinal register adjustment | climate controlled switch cabinets | verhead structure incl. lifting equipment for mounting of plate cylinders and mounting of rolls into the unwind | complete with 1 set of ink hoses, ink pan, 40 ltrs. ink container and electrical pump | drying system in front of winder, incl. electrical heater HLE 2010 (heating capacity: 80 kW) (volume flow: 7700 m³/h) ( blower capacity 11 kW) (10 nozzles) | Electr. power (connected load) approx. KVA 131 | Compressed air at 6 bar approx. Nm³/h 0.5 | Frequency 50/60 Hertz | Voltage 3x400 volts, without neutral
SLEEVE CHANGE SYSTEM (ECO) for FLEXA 600Designed for a printing width of 1570 mm for 4 colour decks for exchange of plate cylinder sleeves with pasted printing plates while the machine is at standstill, for print repeat lengths up to 1000 mm
FILMATIC® S Mono WinderMechanical speed max. m/min 300 (depending on product specifications) | Material width max. mm 1600 | Material thickness: Paper g/m² 40 - 120 | Roll diameter: - Nominal: max. mm 1500 ( With cores with 3” ID: max. mm 1200) (With cores with 6” ID: max. mm 1200) | Web tension on the draw N 30 – 500 | Web tension before the contact roller N 30 – 350 | Taper ratio of the surface drive related to the maximum roll diameter 0 – 50 % | Taper ratio of the contact pressure, related to the maximum roll diameter 0 – 50 % | Contact pressure exerted by the contact roller to the paper reel N 100 – 1000 | Web guider
UNWIND UNIT INCL. SPLICING DEVICEFor roll change at reduced machine speed (max. 150 m/min.) Unwind stand, equipped with: Manual transverse adjustment of roll ± 55 mm | Continuous unwind station roll diameter recording with EASY-STOP for “just-in-time” roll changes | Surface brake | Paper web uncurling rod | Paper web brakes to maintain web tension during sudden machine stops with brush roller braking unit | Frame with deviating rollers for guiding the individual webs Shafted design, including: 2 Unwind shafts with chucks Manually operated chuck driver for unwind shafts One additional roll position to facilitate roll changing
SPLICING DEVICEFor connection of a new paper roll while the machine is running at reduced web speed, including pneumatic pressing on of the drive roller pivoting roller for pressing of the adhesion between the empty roll and the new paper web pneumatically operated knife Note: The device is not suitable for register true splicing.
Printing cylinders included(4 sleeves x 450 mm) (4 sleeves x 480mm) (4 sleeves x 500mm) (4 sleeves x 510mm) (sleeves x 520mm) (4 sleeves x 530mm) (8 sleeves x 540mm) ( 4 sleeves x 550mm) ( 8 sleeves x 560mm) (4 sleeves x 570mm) (4 sleeves x 580mm) (8 sleeves x 590mm) (8 sleeves x 600mm) (8 sleeves x 610mm ) (4 sleeves x 620mm) (8 sleeves x 630mm) (4 sleeves x 640mm) ( 4 sleeves x 650mm) ( 4 sleeves x 660mm) (4 sleeves x 670mm) (4 sleeves x 690mm) (2 sleeves x 700mm) ( 6 sleeves x 710mm) (4 sleeves x 730mm) ( 4 sleeves x 750mm) (4 sleeves x 760mm) (4 sleeves x 770mm) (4 sleeves x 790mm) (4 sleeves x 810mm) (4 sleeves x 830mm) (4 sleeves x 850mm) (4 sleeves x 870mm) (4 sleeves x 890mm) (4 sleeves x 910mm) ( 4 sleeves x 930mm) (4 sleeves x 950mm) (4 sleeves x 970mm) (4 sleeves x 990mm) (3 cylinders 1080mm)( 1 cylinder x 150mm) (2 cylinders x 1250mm) (2 cylinders x 1290mm)