ALPINE HS 75 – monolayer blown film extruder (1990)

Milan, Italy


Manufacturer: ALPINE Model: HS75 Year: 1990 Monolayer blown film extruder Bubble cooling system with IBC tower and PEAC system for HDPE high blow. Input / output turbines and ring turbine with frequency inverters. Ultrasonic system for Bubble regulation by pneumatic valve for air outlet regulation. Automatic thickness control (CONTREX) Parallel row 1.5 Ø225mm Gammatec gauge cage for width up to 1800mm / height adjustment 1000mm Thickness reader ring: maximum width 1600mm Extraction rollers and modified ALPINE woods with horizontal roller assembly DECATEX. Folding triangles for bellows formation. Motorized triangle system. 3-floor structure. 1600mm band aligner 1600mm FyB Corona Treater Automatic winder ALPINE of max. width 1600mm and maximum diameter of coils 1300mm with tension control. 3 component gravimetric system. Visible in operation untill March 2020. Available for delivery in March 2020 (the machine can be reserved)