Nanjiang HD-330 – SOS Paper Bag making Machine

Milan, Italy


Nanjiang HD-330 Roll Fed Square Bottom Paper Bag making Machine Manufacturer: Jiangsu Nanjiang Machinery Co., Ltd. Model: HD-330 year 2009 Paper Roll Width: 410 – 990mm Tube Length: 270-600mm Bag Width: 100-320mm Bottom Width: 60-150mm Paper Thickness: 60-150g/m2 Max. Paper Roll Diameter: ф1200mm Material Core Diameter: ф76mm Production Speed: 70-120Bags/min Machine Weight: 9000kg Machine dimensions: 12500*2100*2000mm This machine is built to make shopping bags or food bags from paper rolls, paper can be pre-printed. The machine is equipped with a photocell sensor device. This machine features a continuous function of automatic paper feeding, gluing, creasing, bottom-sticking and bag forming at a stroke. This is ideal equipment for making paper bag for shopping & Grocery, loading foods, sugar, flour and so on. Test possible with notice. The machine will be dismantled within November 2019.