Euromac slitter mod. TB520 (for film)

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max web width of 1600 mm.
Speed:  600m/min.
Shaftless Unwinder  for max reel dia. of 1000 mm with engine brake.
Cores dia. of  70, 76, 150 and 152.
Min. cutting width: approx. 20 mm.
Grammages: from 12 to 100 my with razor blades cutting for BOPP, PVC, Cellophane, PET, HDPE, etc.  Speed: 600 m/min.
Rewinding unit:  no.  8 units for reels sizes of 70/180, cores of  76mm and max dia. of 500mm;
4 units for reels sizes of 180-600, cores of 76/152 and max dia. of 600 mm.
Cutting system by circular knives and razors blades.
Equipped with 19 blades holders and  gear motor oscillation, knives, counter-knives and distance rings for circular knives cutting and Corona treatment unit.
Machine actually stopped but can be prepared for a test in case of interest.