2008 TIFMAK ZEUS 148

No longer available

2008 TIFMAK ZEUS 148


Printing Width: 1450 mm Web Width: 1500 mm Printing Repeat (Max): 800 mm Printing Repeat (Min): 340 mm Plate-Cylinder Gear-Pitch Module: 1.14 mm Drying System: Electrical Colors: 8 colors printing machine with quickly change of anilox and sleevs into the machine Max. Mechanical speed: 200 m/min. Depending on the ink type, cliché, design and material qualities; printing speed can be approximately 100 – 200 m / min. Drying system: with electric heating, through the 2 piece group of fans at a capacity of maximum 60 kW Materials: PAPER: 60-180gms PE ; in a thickness range of 25-100 microns OPP ; in a thickness range of 18-180 microns Double automatic rewinder and unwinder for reels with diam. max 800 mm. Shafts 76 mm Cliché rollers are fixed by pin bearings and it is possible to make the print adjustment at 10 mm for right–left and 7,50 mm for top to top. Print separation is done by pneumatically opening cliché bearings. Visible in production. Video: https://youtu.be/p7Iv1dwOx1g


ModelZEUS 148