POLYTYPE laminator – 1200 mm – year 1989

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POLYTYPE laminator
Year 1989
Min. and max web width: 600-1280 mm.
Mech. machine speed: 10-300 m/min.
Materials: Aluminium soft: 9-15 my, BOPP-film: 15-50 my, Polyaethylen-film (LLD/LD/HD): 20-100 my, Polyester-film: 10-25 my, PA: 15-30 my, Paper: 30-60 gr/m2, EVA film: 20-80 my, Laminate: 20-120 my.
Main unwind: reel dia.: 80-1000 mm, Tension range: 20-300 N, pneumatic expansion shaft dia. 76 mm.
Edge guide control +/- 30 mm, Dancer roll, coating head,  roll W1 for core dia. of 144 mm and  width of 1340 mm, roll W2 for width of 1340 mm and outer dia. of 200 mm, roll W3 for width of 1340 mm, roll W4 for  width of 1460 mm and outer dia. of 200 mm, adhesive pump, exhaust fan LTM 236, laminating unit with roll W5 and W6 for core dia.