1974 ARVOR 1471 GL - Welding filmg bag machine

1974 ARVOR 1471 GL - Welding filmg bag machine

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Manufacturer:  ARVOR

Model: 1471 GL

Year: 1974

Toatal width: 1500mm

Useful width: 1350mm

- Compensator driven by DC motor (continuous)

- Reel holder with 3” pneumatic bar

- Double calender driven by servo and Lenze drive

- Welder movement driven by Lenze variator

- Double punch bar diameter 6mm to make cylindrical holes

- Antistatic bars at the entrance of the 1st calender and at the exit of the material

- Photocell

- Welders with electrode controlled by intensity regulator

- Clamp trolley for package extraction

- Transport table for the package

Visible in operation an available for sale.


Model1471 GL - Welding filmg bag machine