2013 4M Refai (Italy) Flexy Cut 12 11 - Sheeter from reels to sheets

2013 4M Refai (Italy) Flexy Cut 12 11 - Sheeter from reels to sheets

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Manufacturer: 4M Refai (Italy)

Model: Flexy Cut: 12-11

Year of production: 2013

Sheeter from reels to sheets

Technical data of the equipment

Materials: (paper, cardboard, laminated material, self-adhesive paper, etc. from 18 gsm up to 250 gsm) and (aluminum and plastic materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, non-woven fabric, from 20 to 200 μm)

Maximum reel width:1230 mm

Maximum reel weight: 1000 kg

Core diameter: 70 mm

Maximum reel diameter: 1250 mm

Minimum cutting length: 250 mm

Maximum cutting length: 1150 mm

Maximum speed: 170 cuts / min (depending on material and format)

Cutting precision: ± 0.20 mm (different cut accuracy could be obtained in function of the kind of material and of the print accuracy).

Installed electrical power: 15 kW

Sound pressure level: <76 dB (A)

Equipment weight: 3700 kg

10.4” colour touch screen control panel

Documentation and Certifications

- CE Conformity Declaration

- User and maintenance instruction manuals in English

- Electric drawings.

Safety stop devices

They automatically trigger by pressing the emergency stop buttons. The micro-switches of the covers have interlocked double protection, in order to prevent the opening of the safety guards while the machine is running. In addition, a manual operation procedure is provided that allows the operator to do adjustments with opened carters in complete safety.

Aluminium and lexan anti-accident security guards

Protection systems according to the standards of the regulations in force

Reel unwinders

- N° 2 motorized unwinders with optimized tension control, braking with energy recovery motors

- N° 2 pneumatic expanding shafts for 76 mm reels core

Beltless version

Motors in electric axis controlled by relative drivers through HMI panel.

Double register control

N° 2 towing units with optical sensors to cut 2 centered printing reels simultaneously.

Automatic ream squaring

Automatic joggers adjustment according to the selected cutting format.

Triple efficiency antistatic bars

It provides optimum material electrostatic discharge, especially suitable for plastic materials.

Air generation system

Designed for material weighing less than 50 gsm.

Hydraulic platform

Hydraulic platform for the discharge of the ream managed by a capacitive proximity sensor

Visible in operation and available for delivery within 6 weeks from the order.

Overhaul of eventual defective parts and fine-tuning works will be carried out on the machine before delivery.

Included 12 months warranty on the mechanical parts.

The machine used very few and in excellent condition.


Manufacturer4M Refai (Italy)
ModelFlexy Cut 12 11 - Sheeter from reels to sheets
ConditionUsed (visible in production)